How Desires Equal Purpose

Our desires are like GPS leading us to our purpose. If we dig into what we truly desire and follow it, it will lead us to what we’re meant to be and do in the world. 

So the first step is to uncover what those desires are. What is it that you truly desire? Many times the desires are so far down because they’ve been covered up (pushed down) for so long. For example, I would just say that I didn’t have any desires other than to help people and make an impact in the world. On the surface, I wasn’t passionate about anything. Mostly because I’d ruled out what I truly wanted to do as not being possible. But the more confident I became in myself and who I was, I was able to slowly allow those desires back in. Eventually, I was able to embrace my desire to become a therapist or counselor (eventually a coach).

The next step is to take action on the opportunities that come up as a result of you embracing your desires. This is where it gets tricky. We have the deeply-rooted desire to get to the goal of our purpose, but then there is external stuff that comes up like Netflix, kids, full-time jobs, partying with friends along with internal stuff like self-doubt, confusion, and fear. These are obstacles that we have to overcome in order to reach the goal.

For example, once I decided to become a life coach, the opportunity arose for me to get certified. The “problem” was that it cost $18K. Yep, $18,000. That’s when all the self-doubt, confusion, and fear kicked in. “Do I really want to do this?” “Will it be worth that amount of money?” “Do I want to spend that amount of money?” “Will I be successful at it?” “Is this REALLY my purpose?” I had to work through all of that and decide who I wanted to be and whether I believed in myself enough to do it. After about a day, I was all in and I haven’t looked back. Not even for a second.

So allow your true desires to lead you to your purpose. Then decide if it’s worth it to you, if the people you will be serving are worth it, and if YOU are worth enough to get over your own mess for.

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2 responses to “How Desires Equal Purpose”

  1. Jen Avatar

    “Our desires are like GPS leading us to our purpose.” Best quote ever. I’m so glad you decided to believe in yourself and had the courage and confidence to trust yourself. 18K is no joke, wowza. But I’m sure you will reap so much more doing something you are so passionate about. Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, J!! I already have! 100 times over. We’re capable of so much more than we think. ❤️

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