Why You’re Not Happy At Work

Imagine being in a job that you absolutely love. You love the work you’re doing. You love the people you work with. You love the people you serve. You love the flexibility. And you love the pay.

That is the dream job that many people have. And it’s totally possible for you.

However, most people want their jobs to make them feel this way. They want it to make them feel happy and when it doesn’t, they go looking for another job. Before they know it, they’ve had several different jobs and none of them provide the happiness they hoped for.

It’s because those feelings of happiness don’t come from the job. They never will. This is one of the main complaints I hear from people looking for their purpose. They think a job aligned with their purpose will make them happy.

Happiness comes from the way you think about your job (or anything else, for that matter). We know this is true because someone else could be doing the same job as you (same company, same role, same coworkers, same customers, same pay, etc.) and be happy doing it.

It’s not your job’s job to make you happy. Your happiness is your job. If you’re unhappy at work, take a look at how you’re thinking about your job. Negative thinking will never create positive feelings (i.e., happiness).

The good news is that you can choose to think differently RIGHT NOW and create happiness RIGHT NOW. Give it a try.


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