How to Find Your Purpose: Part 5

One of the things that will FOR SURE come up for you when you have an inkling of what your purpose could be is “What will other people think about me?” Who cares, right?


We all do. We are human. We have a need for belonging so we want to be accepted by others. It’s normal.

However, it becomes detrimental when we allow this need for acceptance to keep us from walking in our purpose. When we need other people’s acceptance in order to do what we have been called to do in life, we risk living an unfulfilled life. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not here for the people who do not accept what I do. I’m here for those who do. Those are my people. They’re the ones who need me. They’re the ones I’m doing it for.

I remember worrying about what people would think about my chosen path to become a life coach. I had told myself that people would have all these negative judgments about me. That had me stuck. Because I was making it about me.

Your purpose will never be about you. It’s about serving other people.

Your people.

How do you find your people?

You won’t have to.

They will find you.

When you’re walking in your purpose, you attract certain people. It may or may not be the people you expect, but it will be the people you were meant to impact.

So forget about what other people think…unless those people are your people.

You now know how to find your purpose. Now go out there and ask yourself the hard questions and DEMAND AN ANSWER. Do NOT let your brain off the hook. Be OK with not fully believing you can do it right now or knowing how you will do it. You just need to know WHAT you will be doing to serve your people and do it.

Let me serve you. Whether you’re trying to find your purpose or you already know your purpose and you just need help gaining the confidence to start, I am here to help. Request a FREE mini-session and let’s get started!

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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  1. RAH Avatar

    They will find you!!—-that part!

    I was having lunch with a friend earlier. We hit on this. I’m send her this article right now!

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