What is it Costing You?

Ever been so angry with somebody that you weren’t able to function? ⁣

You planned to work on your business after work, but now the only thing you can get yourself to do is the stuff you absolutely HAVE to do (i.e., cook dinner, help kids with homework, etc.). ⁣

You want to go all in on your plan because you know that it’s ultimately going to help you do work that is fulfilling. ⁣

But that argument that you had has derailed those plans and you can’t seem to get yourself out of that funk. ⁣

You have given your power away to whoever you’re angry with. You’ve made them responsible for how you feel, which means you’ll need them to do/be different (i.e., apologize, make things right) in order for you to get back on track. ⁣

Sometimes that’s available to you. But what about when it’s not? ⁣

When you remind yourself that the only person you can control is you, you get to decide if you want to allow other people/situations to derail you from the fulfillment that you want and deserve. ⁣

What is it costing you to NOT stick to the plan? ⁣

Is it worth it? ⁣


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