Whose Assignment Are You Working On?

“God sent you on assignment here to be you. Don’t let anybody else give you another assignment.”

Whose assignment are you working on? ⁣

Is it the one where you’re being you? ⁣

Or is it the one where you’re being who your parents and everybody else expect you to be? ⁣

You’ll know the answer by the way you feel. ⁣

Do you feel fulfilled and energized in your work? ⁣

Or do you feel unhappy and exhausted? ⁣

Until you’re aligned with who you’re meant to be, no matter what you do or how much of it you do, it won’t be enough. ⁣

You’ll always feel like something is missing. ⁣

Let me support you in doing your God-given assignment so that you’ll have clarity, excitement and fulfillment in your life instead. ⁣

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