What You SHOULD Want

Here’s what you SHOULD want…⁣

Or so they say.⁣

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we SHOULD: ⁣

☑️ Want to go to college⁣
☑️ Want to be in a career using our degree⁣
☑️ Want to climb the corporate ladder⁣
☑️ Want to stay at a job until we retire ⁣
☑️ Want to choose a prestigious job over passion and purpose⁣

Oh and not to mention, we SHOULD:⁣

❤️ Want to get married⁣
❤️ Want to have kids ⁣

And if we don’t want these things, we’re made to feel like something is wrong with us. ⁣

But WHY “should” we? ⁣

Because that’s what makes other people (your parents, friends, coworkers, society) feel comfortable and safe. ⁣

They get to feel comfy and safe about your life choices while you get to feel miserable, resentful, and unhappy. ⁣

Not cool. ⁣

Give yourself permission to want what YOU want because it will make you happy…NOT what they say you SHOULD want in order to make others happy. ⁣

Ask yourself right now, ⁣

??? ????? ? ?? ??????? ??? “???????” ?? ?? ?????⁣

Then go be that.


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