Which Category Are You?

Finding your thing, your jam, your passion, your purpose (whatever your flavor is) looks different for everybody. For some, you were just born knowing that you were created to do that thing. For some, you were thrown into something and realized that you love it. For most of us, it comes from trying a lot of different things and seeing what sticks. I fit in this category.

I started with trying new roles within my corporate job. I went from a Software Engineer to a Business Analyst to a Project Manager. Each move allowed me to enjoy what I was doing a little more.

I’ve always had a love for fashion so I started a fashion blog, collaborated with brands, and started selling on Poshmark. I loved all of that but it wasn’t allowing me to make the impact that I craved.

I started volunteering with different non-profit organizations. My favorite volunteer role is mentoring youth who are aging out of foster care and those recently released from detention centers. Now THAT is my jam. I enjoy hearing their stories and helping to guide them on their journeys.

Mentoring, counseling, coaching…that’s my thing, my jam, my passion, my purpose.

All of these (plus others not mentioned) experiences led me to where I am now, but I wouldn’t have known had I not tried several things to find out what I liked and what I did not like.

I encourage you to start trying things that you are even a little bit interested in. And just see where it goes. It’s like collecting a puzzle piece from each experience and then putting them all together to form the big picture.

NOTE: Puzzle pieces that don’t even look like they belong together have the potential to nicely form the picture that is your purpose/passion/jam/thing.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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