Who Says You Have to Start Over?

You’re afraid of starting over and wasting your education.

You think that if you leave your career to walk in your calling, you will have to start all the way over and your degree will be wasted and you’ll probably not make the money you’re making now.

Says who?!

Think about a baby learning to walk. They learn to pull themselves up and hold on to things at first. When they fall, they don’t forget how to do that and start all the way over as if they haven’t learned these things.

They pick up where they left off, taking their learnings with them as they continue learning to walk.

The same is true for you as you are learning to do what you’re meant to do.

You’re never starting over or wasting any education.

You’re just as valuable (and probably more) in your new career as you are in your current one because your experience and knowledge come with you.

Every experience that you’ve had, especially in your career, has prepared you for this next step in your life and will be needed on this journey to living your purpose.

You just haven’t taken the time to explore how.

So, I challenge you to make a list of how the skills you’ve gained from your job and your education will be valuable for you and others as you do the thing you’re meant to do.

This exercise will change everything.


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