Why Self-Image is Key to Your Purpose

“You are the story you tell yourself about yourself.” ~Brooke Castillo

Do you tell yourself you’re lazy, inconsistent, unfocused, and can’t commit to anything?

Do you tell yourself that you’re not as smart, pretty, desirable as other women?

Do you tell yourself that you’re too old or too invested in your current career to make a change?

Your self-image, the way you see yourself, is so important. These thoughts that you have about yourself will determine how you move through life.

I used to tell myself that I was irresponsible if I didn’t get a degree that would land me a “good-paying job” regardless of whether I loved the work or not. In my mind, passion and purpose was irrelevant when it came to being a responsible adult. That’s how I saw myself so guess what I created? I was a woman with degrees who got jobs that paid well but who was miserable with no passion or purpose for the work I was doing.

I learned to see myself as a woman who loves to support and empower other women, who does work that aligns with her purpose, and gets paid well for it. I’m a woman who creates her own definition of responsible instead of living by everyone else’s. That’s who I am and that’s what I created.

What do you tell yourself about yourself? What have you created with that story?

For help changing the way you see yourself, click HERE and let’s talk. It’s key to finding and walking in your purpose.


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