Why You Must Find Your Purpose

I just finished reading The Dream Giver for the second time, through a brand new lens. The first time I read it through the lens of someone who was looking for their purpose. This time I read it from the perspective of someone who has found their purpose and is on a mission to help others find theirs. I HIGHLY recommend this book. It’s a quick and easy read, but it will change your life!

The biggest part that stuck out for me this time around was about someone’s dream to help orphans. They were in the process of filming a movie about the AIDS crisis in Africa when they found out about a little orphan boy who dropped dead on the sidewalk that morning from starvation and exposure. The author suggests that the little boy died because there was some dream that had not been embraced and pursued.

Yet it certainly cannot be God’s will that any child die alone and abandoned. Surely God placed a particular set of interests and abilities in one person, somewhere in the world, and put that person in a time and place where Great Things could happen — should have happened — for that boy.”

Yes, this is an extreme example. Everyone doesn’t have dreams to end hunger, homelessness, or other world crisis. However, all of our individual dreams, however big or small it is, work together for a much bigger picture. Picture it as a big puzzle. Each one of our dreams represents a puzzle piece and when someone doesn’t pursue their dream, that puzzle piece is missing. And this is where things fall through the cracks, like the little boy not getting the help he needed.

Whether you agree with the author or not, just consider that it could possibly be true. What if your dream was the missing puzzle piece? What if pursuing it could prevent someone else’s pain and suffering?

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