You Ain’t For Everybody

One thing that holds us back from following our dreams or walking in our purpose is when other people don’t understand, support, or even want what we’re doing. We think because other people don’t get it, it must not be what we’re supposed to be doing.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Everybody won’t understand your journey. Everybody won’t get what you’re doing. Everyone won’t like what you’re doing. Everyone won’t support what you’re doing. And that’s ok. That’s why it’s YOUR journey. It’s not meant for everybody else to get.

Being ok with people not understanding or supporting your purpose is everything. I truly believe that the people who I am meant to influence will get it. Those who aren’t, won’t. It’s like offering someone an apple and they say no thanks. Does it mean that something is wrong with the apple or that you shouldn’t have offered it? No, it just means that they don’t want the apple. That’s it. Anything else you add to it is just drama.

Oh and believe me, I used to come with all the drama. (And still do sometimes). I used to make it mean that it must not be my purpose, I’m not good at this, something is wrong with me, I should just go back to being normal. All the madness. I used to take it so personally, but I’ve done a lot of work on my beliefs. So now if someone doesn’t want to work with me, I’m totally fine with it because I know that God built me for this and I believe that he will connect me with the people who need and want what I have to offer. So if someone says no, I know that they’re not one of those people. I’m like “Oh man, I could’ve really helped her but it wasn’t meant for me to help her.” That’s it.

Everybody won’t get it or want it. That’s fine. You ain’t for everybody.

But you’re for somebody.

When you’re ready, let me help you find out who your somebodies are as you walk in your purpose and follow your dreams. Schedule a free session and let’s get started.

Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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