How to Find Your True Desires

I just want to clarify that when I say desires, I do not mean our natural desire to indulge, like lay on the couch and watch Netflix all day, eat all the Oreo’s, play video games, or do nothing. We all desire to do that at some point; however, we know that over-indulging in these things won’t create the life we want in the long run.

I’m referring to the true desires of our hearts. A craving that is so deeply rooted that we try to push it away but it continues to nudge us. The type of desire that will create meaning in our lives once it’s fulfilled.

There are three questions that I have found to be helpful for tapping into what that is for you:

  1. If family, time, and money were all non-factors, what would you challenge yourself to do?
  2. What’s that thing that you wish you could do and would bring you so much joy but is just way out of reach at this point in your life?
  3. If you knew that your purpose would be fulfilled regardless of what you do, what would you do with your time?

If you are unsure of what your true desires are, answer these questions and see what comes up for you. Your desires are key to living in your purpose. Let me help you get crystal clear on them. Schedule a free mini-coaching session by clicking HERE.



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