Their Experience Means Nothing

It’s interesting how someone can tell us something about their experience and we automatically think we’re going to have that exact experience too.

If it’s a good experience and it helps you believe that you can do it and it leads you to create the life you want, then I’m all for it.

However, what I am not for is using someone else’s negative experience to not believe in yourself.

For example, you want to start a daycare and someone who started a daycare tells you that they’ve been at it full-time for three years and they’ve still not replaced their corporate salary. Now, you think this is what will happen if you quit your job and start a daycare. This is NOT what this means. Other people’s experiences – good or bad – means nothing about what your experience will be like.

There are so many factors to consider. We don’t know what this person’s mindset is like, what actions are being taken, how much time is being put in, what type of decisions are being made, etc. But our brains are automatically like, “Oh she failed, so I’ll probably fail too.” Absolutely not.

It’s just like if someone you know is looking for a job and haven’t been able to find one in a year. Do you then not even try to find a job because of their inability to find one? No. You believe in yourself and your ability to find one so you continue searching.

All someone else’s experience tells us is that it’s possible that this could happen. But it’s also just as possible that this could NOT happen.

Don’t give up on yourself because of another person’s experience. You are in control of you. Always.

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