Why You Can Never Do Enough

So many of us try to accomplish our way to worthiness.

We try to work our way to feeling good about ourselves.

We accomplish one thing, feel good for a minute, then that wears off so we’re on to the next thing so we can feel good about ourselves again.

We’re exhausted, frustrated, unfulfilled from trying to reach this place where we permanently feel good about ourselves. It doesn’t exist.

Not as long as we’re looking for our accomplishments to give it to us. It’s a never-ending climb because there will ALWAYS be something else to accomplish.

You are already 100% worthy. Your worthiness is inherent. It’s been that way since the day you were born. No amount of accomplishments will change that.

How do you believe you’re worthy? The same way you believe that you’re going to wake up tomorrow. You just do. You choose to believe it.

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2 responses to “Why You Can Never Do Enough”

  1. Jen Avatar

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us that we are more than our accomplishments, accolades and to-do list check offs.

    1. gbsmith06@gmail.com Avatar

      Absolutely! So much more.

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