The #1 Reason You Are Unfulfilled

The #1 reason you are unfulfilled is because you are expecting something “out there” to fulfill you.

Fulfillment comes from within. It is a feeling that is generated when you have certain thoughts about your life.

The thoughts you have now are probably along the lines of “I’m not making a difference” or “My work is boring” or “I don’t feel like I’m good at or passionate about anything.” You think you just need to find that one thing that will make you feel worthy, good enough, or accomplished.

And you think your job is what’s causing you to not feel this way so you look for a different job to fix it.

What you’ll find is that eventually you will start to feel unfulfilled again because although the job is different, you still have the same thoughts about your life.

So in order to change that, you have to understand that you simply existing proves that you’re worthy already. God created you in His perfect image and He works all things according to His purposes so you’re always living in God’s purposes. Your worth and your “good enough” has already been fulfilled and you don’t have to prove it to yourself or anyone else. It just is.

When you truly believe this, your thoughts about your life will be different. They will come from a place of knowing that nothing you do or don’t do can change your 100% worthiness. You will already be fulfilled, so you might decide to stay at your job OR you might decide to change jobs, but either way, you will do it because you want to, not because you have to in order to feel purposeful or meaningful.

You will never find fulfillment in a job. Or in anything else outside of you. I know because I looked for it for years. You create fulfillment from within. It’s there. It has always been there.

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Gabrielle, The Thought Trainer


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